Where Did The Canucks’ Owner Get His Sweet Glasses?

Francesco Aquilini sports glasses from Tom FordI was watching the Vancouver Canucks press conference yesterday and I really liked the owner’s glasses. Any idea what they are? My girlfriend says they are Raybans.

– Nucks Fan

Dude. It’s Ray-Bans, not Raybans. Details count.

Now then. Your girlfriend is wrong, but – for reasons I probably don’t have to explain to you – you don’t want to tell her that. Those excellent semi-retro glasses that Francesco Aquilini was wearing are from the new Tom Ford collection – specifically, the new “TF5178” model. One of the cool things about the new Tom Ford acetate frames are the “mix and match” options: You can have one colour for the frontpiece of the frame and something different for the temples. In this case. it looks like Mr. Aquilini has gone with the dark tortoise front with black temples.

In an interesting bit of symmetry, you probably know that the Canucks’ new president is the celebrity face of a discount online eyewear retailer. Unfortunately, if you have been following this blog for any length of time you know that Tom Ford is not a discount brand. Sorry, Trevor. If you do want to browse, the entirety of the new Tom Ford catalogue is online at Smart Buy Glasses – click here to see the whole selection.

Once again, the readers of Hey Style Guy! show their impeccable taste by leaning towards a striking-yet-subtle offering from a premium designer. You guys rock.


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